Old person passing plant to child

During the last few years, many of us have learned a lot more about health, science and medicine than we knew before, and consequently, we have become more interested in what keeps us healthy, as well as understanding that there are many more that just pharmaceutical treatments that can make us better when we do succumb to dis-ease.

The medical system has a vested interest in us remaining medically uneducated so they can sell us profitable cures, which creates inevitable bias against natural treatments, less profitable pharmaceuticals and unincentivized medications that may be safe and efficacious.

This is why we believe it is vital that anyone who wants to take ownership of their health, learns as much as they can about the way their body works and the effects of nutrition, the environment and our emotional wellbeing on our health outcomes.

We know that we are asking a lot from you when you enter your health data into our system, but we hope that it will be an opportunity to tune in to your body and notice the way you are treating it and how it is responding.

It is through taking ownership of our health individually and as a worldwide community, that we will become stronger, healthier and truly sovereign.

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