When we are given a choice, we base it on the information available to us at the time. However, more than ever before, we are learning that information from previously trusted sources is misrepresented, biased and sometimes, just completely wrong.

Many of us are finding this particularly true for the food we consume, the treatments prescribed to us and the new technologies around us. This is why we started the Control Group and why we are creating a resource of health outcome data that is completely independent, unbiased and backed by its source data.

Being a member of the Control Group Cooperative's health study is a really simple thing that you and your family can do each month that really will make a difference.

This is the data we will trust when we make health decisions for ourselves and our children. But it depends entirely on all of us to build a brand-new bank of information that tells the story of us. It takes trust to build trust, and that is what we are doing, together.

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