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Anyone from anywhere, and any age can join us. We need as many people as possible to contribute their health data on a regular basis, so we can build a reliable picture of what is happening to our health. 

Does it cost?

It's your choice!

Participation is free and everyone can access a digital version of the vaccine study card and Health card.

If you decide to help fund this important study, then you can become an Associate member - you can do this at any point and cancel at any point too.

Associates choose the level of funding they can afford, starting at a monthly subscription of just £6 (UK) and are sent a printed, plastic version of the membership card as a thank you.


Register your account
  • Any adult over the age of 16 can create an account and add their household members to it. Household members are usually your dependents, but you may have elderly relatives, or other family living with you - they can all be included in your household account, which can have a maximum of 8 records.

  • If you live with a partner or spouse, you can register independently, or one partner can be a dependent of the main account. You may wish to do this if you choose to become an Associate as it means you only pay once per account (we try to keep things as cheap as possible). Of course, you don't have to pay anything at all, if you don't want to.

  • Each participant answers basic health and body type questions as part of the registration process.

  • You can add a photograph, which will be displayed on your digital card.

  • Once you have entered your basic health information, you will be prompted to add any vaccinations, medical conditions, tests and procedures you have had - or you can simply say that you have had none of these.

  • Finally, you can create your digital Vaccine Study Card, and/or (ICE: In Case of Emergency) Health Card, which can be displayed on your phone.

  • If you choose to become a funding Associate (which you can choose to do later, if you prefer) you can set up your subscription and order your printed cards (postage & packaging is charged for your region).


What will I have to do, as a participant?

Each month you will be reminded to enter any new health conditions, pregnancies, treatments, tests taken and other changes - if there is nothing to report, then you can simply click a nothing to report option. 

You will be sent a newsletter each month with your reminder and this will also include information about any community events and support zooms on offer, as well as optional health surveys that you may wish to take part in.


What do I get from being a participant?
  • Digital membership card for the Covid Vaccine Study
  • Digital ICE Health Card
  • Printed, plastic Covid Vaccine Study card (Associates only)
  • Printed, plastic ICE Health card (Associates only)
  • Downloadable certificate of participation endorsed by the World Council for Health
  • Letter confirming participation, signed by a UK doctor
  • Free Community Events
  • Access to weekly Support Zooms with the founders
  • Being part of a like-minded community
  • Connections to other like-minded organisations
  • Access to Discounts on a variety of health and wellbeing related products
  • A place to record your health outcomes from any medications and treatments you have taken
  • Knowing that you and your family are helping to build a new way of looking at health.


What else is there?

We are an organisation that is growing with its participants - and as your needs change, so we have evolved. We are still adding to our system and there are some great new services to come; including (but not limited to):

  • A dashboard for participants to look at data outcomes for themselves.
  • The ability to opt into special interest surveys from doctors, scientists and organisations working with us.
  • A data warehouse for approved scientists and researchers to be able to easily analyse our (highly anonymised) data and easy access to all papers produced.
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