The Health card is an “In Case of Emergency” card that you keep on you at all times. If you are ever found unconscious or unable to communicate, the QR code can be scanned to show important information about you, your health and your advanced medical decisions.

The card displays your blood group (if known) and instructs whoever finds it to scan the QR code in an emergency.

You choose which information you would like to show on the QR page – for example:

  • Your blood type
  • Any allergies
  • Medical conditions
  • Advanced decisions you have made about things such as; blood transfusions, organ donation and treatments
  • Emergency contacts

All members of the Control Group Cooperative can create a digital Health card and subscribing Associates can order a plastic, printed copy.

❌ You can disable the QR code if you lose the card, or no longer wish to use it.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Cards can be created for you and your household.

✔️ Details should be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary.


If you lose your Health card

Because the Health card QR code can show your selected health information, it is important that if you lose it, or it is stolen, you login to your account and cancel the QR code.

  • You can only REMOVE the card before you have requested it to be printed and posted
  • If the card has gone to print, or been posted - or you have received it, then you can CANCEL the QR code and un-cancel it if you find it again.

See all about the cards under Get Cards in the Support section.


What are my advanced decisions?

Advanced decisions are decisions you have made for a time in the future where you may lack capacity or be unable to communicate. Examples of such situations include being unconscious due to being involved in an accident, having a stroke or a brain injury or lacking capacity as a result of a condition such as dementia. 

Advanced decisions can include any treatment or procedure that you wish to refuse. You cannot request a particular treatment, you can only refuse a specific treatment for a situation. It is a great idea to add any treatments and / or procedures you feel strongly about refusing to your Health Card. These will be displayed when the QR code on your Health Card is scanned in an emergency. 

Please visit out WIKI page for more information regarding making a formal Advanced Directive or Living Will. 

Control Group Cooperative plan to strengthen this feature of the Health Card in the future to make it as effective as possible, including creating links to other organisations to which you may belong, such as independent blood donor organisations. Please bear in mind that the advanced decision feature is not a legal Advanced Directive or Living Will document.

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