by Jacques Martel

An incredible book that lists things in alphabetical order and is written in the first person.

It asks us to consider whether our body uses a secret language to communicate with us & whether our illnesses, ailments & dis-eases are our body’s way of shouting for help, to get us to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and emotions, how they have affected us or are continuing to affect us and how we can go about addressing anything we are suffering with. There is invaluable guidance contained within these pages.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This book is listed in The Bookshelf directory because it has been recommended by one (or more) of our participants, or by one of our community event speakers. Control Group have not read all of these books and cannot recommend or verify their validity, accuracy or usefulness - however, we do believe that it is important to approach everything with an unbiased, open-mind and to be aware of all narratives, not just mainstream accepted ones.

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