by Feargus O'Connor Greenwood

Stop for a moment and take a look at the world around you. Does everything seem normal? Or is it all upside down? Do you think this is happening just by chance? And if it isn’t, wouldn’t you like to know what is really going on?

To get back to the truth we need to invert the inversions. 180° is not just an angle, it is an answer; a total perspective and a set of solutions. No one said getting to The Golden Age was going to be easy. That journey begins with questioning everything you have been taught to believe.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This book is listed in The Bookshelf directory because it has been recommended by one (or more) of our participants, or by one of our community event speakers. Control Group have not read all of these books and cannot recommend or verify their validity, accuracy or usefulness - however, we do believe that it is important to approach everything with an unbiased, open-mind and to be aware of all narratives, not just mainstream accepted ones.


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