A short social media survey by Diny Fielder-van Kleeff and Rachael Marshall, Directors of Control Group Cooperative Ltd.

The following online poll was suggested to Control Group by a participant, who had noticed that many people were suffering from a ‘flu-like’ illness over the Christmas period. They wondered if the Covid injected and the un-injected were suffering the same rates of these symptoms.

We did not ask if this was Covid, or if anyone tested for Covid or Influenza, but simply about the generally well-recognised symptoms of a ‘flu’.

We did not specify what those symptoms were.

All figures rounded to 0 decimal places.

The following question was asked on several social media platforms, with a set of possible responses, of which participants could select just one option.


We have heard that many people have been ill with a variety of ‘flu-like’ symptoms recently, so we would like to ask you for a ‘snapshot’ of illness in December.

Please answer for yourself, for DECEMBER 2022, regarding whether you had a ‘flu-like’ illness – ONLY.

 Response options

  1. I am NOT COVID injected, I was NOT ill in December
  2. I am NOT COVID injected, I WAS ill in December
  3. I AM COVID injected, I was NOT ill in December
  4. I AM COVID injected, I WAS ill in December


Question posted 26th January 2023 on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.
The poll results were collated on 1st February 2023

📄 Click for a pdf download version of responses

RESPONSES FROM TWITTER: Source: https://twitter.com/VaxControlGroup

The questions were worded and ordered slightly differently on twitter due to character number restraints.

RESPONSES FROM TELEGRAM: Source: Control Group Coop: https://t.me/ControlGroupCoop

RESPONSES FROM FACEBOOK: Source: VaxControlGroup https://www.facebook.com/groups/493614538559474


Total number and percentage of respondents across all platforms:

Consolidated totals as a percentage:

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