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Many of us are looking for ways to stay healthy and more natural ways to deal with the diseases and health issues we may already have. We aim to list practitioners who can offer advice and treatments that keep us well.



Clive de Carle - Nutritional supplements and Vitamins and the Secret Health Club
Dr Angela Musso - The Healing Place
Dr Seb, Biological Dentist - UK-based qualified dentist who utilises a whole-body approach to oral care
Thierry Clerc - Homeopathy


The Healing Place


Dr Angela Musso is one of the amazing doctors who signed PROMIC forms for our participants. The Healing Place is her new venture. Please support her by following her on social media and checking out her videos on YouTube: How to get away from a doctor




Sebastien Lomas – aka “Dr Seb”


Dr. Sebastien Lomas, aka “Dr. Seb” is a UK-based qualified dentist who utilises a whole-body approach to oral care with interest in integrating holistic health with modern dentistry. Having been so anti ‘natural solutions’ for his whole life, ironically, natural solutions were the only thing to get him out of his health crisis. As his life journey evolved, he found himself studying Biochemistry at Loughborough University completing it in 2013. His passion for dentistry was eventually actualized when he graduated in 2020 from the University of Central Lancashire.

As a Biological Dentist, Dr. Seb promotes minimally invasive dentistry, educating patients, and always using safe, biocompatible dental materials based on tailored biocompatible blood and genetic testing.
He has received advanced mercury removal training following the IAOMT SMART guidelines. With an individualised approach to care instead of the traditional “one size fits all” dental model, he recognizes that every patient is unique and should be treated according to their specific needs.
Driven by a strong desire to share his knowledge with others, his goal is to empower people to take back control of their gum health, teeth health, and their health as a whole. He is grounded firmly in helping remove oral interferences and imbalances to overall health and well-being.
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Clive de Carle

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Clive has always been interested in natural health but his journey into health mastery really began at the age of 32 when he was hit by an entirely unexpected health emergency. Following a course of antibiotics prescribed for a minor health condition, he suddenly found himself hospitalised and in a critical state after a major reaction to the drug.

Despite being fit and healthy, the antibiotic sent his body into extreme shock, resulting in Type 1 diabetes and crippling arthritis. Before he knew it, he could barely walk and soon holding a cup of tea or doing up buttons became impossible. He was hospitalised for weeks and the doctors told him there was no hope of a cure. His future looked bleak.

However, he refused to accept the doctor’s verdict and determined to prove them wrong. He had already thrown himself into independent research using natural remedies and he decided to check himself out of the hospital and commenced a program of nutritional supplementation which completely reversed all the symptoms of arthritis.

The doctors were astounded yet disinterested in how he had actually achieved it. His recovery triggered a new thirst for knowledge. He developed a burning desire to find out what further hidden cures for disease might exist that could benefit humanity.

He decided an important step would be to deepen his understanding of nutrition and he moved to Andalucia in Spain, purchased an organic farm and set about deepening his understanding of old plant varieties and our ancestor’s gardening techniques along with the relationship between soil conditions, nutrient levels and health.

As I am sure you know, due to modern industrial farming methods our soils worldwide are woefully deficient in minerals and, so are we, if we eat food grown on those depleted soils. So as most people simply can’t get enough nutrients from their food, supplementation is a vital and a major key to reversing symptoms of disease by restarting the body’s innate ability to self repair.

Today, over 30 years since his recovery he has been lucky enough to have advised thousands of clients and he is more convinced than ever that most disease can be primarily explained as nutrient deficiency and toxicity. He has also felt privileged to have met, interviewed and worked with many of the leading lights in the health world, from whom he learned so many miraculous solutions to the health issues of today. This includes not just nutritional remedies but ranges from peptide therapy to bio-resonance devices, PEMF, diathermy, advanced diagnostics and many more exciting vanguard discoveries with the potential to revolutionise our expectations for humanity and health.

Further details about Clive, his work & his vitamins and minerals can be found on his website:


Thierry Clerc


After a career as a telecommunications engineer, Thierry retrained to become a full-time homeopath in Cambridge, UK and started to see his first patients in 2005.

His interest was re-ignited by several episodes of arthritis that almost crippled him. After being treated successfully by his childhood homeopath, he decided to train as one himself, and has never felt so healthy and happy since.

Thierry uses rigorous case analysis and also metabolic nutrition and supplementations to assist healing in his patients. He received the world-famous Hpathy Prize for “Excellence in Homeopathy Practice” in May 2022 (

More information, contact details & prices can be found on Thierry’s website:

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