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Main UK Contact: please contact Diny or Rachael at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are currently looking for volunteers to support participants in their local area as well as Area and Country coordinators to link us with legal and health professionals who can support our participants and the work we are doing in their own country/area and ensure the results of our data are utilised in the best manner. Ideally their names will be listed on the country page - but this isn't essential.

There are a great many people who feel they are alone, having been abandoned by family and friends or unable to visit them due to restrictions. We aim to use our local networks to try and bring like-minded people together, as well as helping to support the important work of collecting data for our study. We encourage UK participants to find their local A Stand In the Park (or create one) as a way to meet new people - this is how two of the Control Group founders met! (https://www.astandinthepark.org/). 


Telegram Groups


England - CG Community Telegram community

Scotland - CG Community Telegram community

Wales - CG Community Telegram community

Ireland - CG Community Telegram community

Useful Websites

Health Information

Parents & Children Natural Immunity: Arnica Network Ι https://www.arnica.org.uk/ 

Children's Health Defense UK Ι https://childrenshealthdefense.org Ι https://t.me/ChildrensHealthDefenseUK 

HART Health Advisory and Recovery Team Ι https://www.hartgroup.org/ Ι https://t.me/HARTgroup 

Health Freedom Ireland Ι https://healthfreedomireland.com/ Ι https://t.me/hfireland 

The Irish Ivermectin Group Ι https://ivermectin.ie/ Ι https://t.me/theirishivermectingroup 

Children and vaccines: Safer To Wait Ι https://safertowait.com/ 

UK Medical Freedom Alliance Ι https://www.ukmedfreedom.org/ Ι https://t.me/ukmedicalfreedomalliance 

Covid Vaccine Injured: UK CV Family Ι ukcvfamily.org

Covid Vaccine Injured: UK Vaccine Injured telephone helpline Ι 0203 833 0 999



Lawyers for Liberty Ι https://www.lawyersforliberty.org/ Ι https://t.me/lawyers4liberty 

Legal Café Ι http://www.legalcafe.co.uk/ Ι https://t.me/legalcafe 

The Red List UK Ι https://theredlist.uk/ Ι https://t.me/redlistupdatesuk 

Workers of England Union Ι https://www.workersofengland.co.uk/ Ι https://t.me/WorkersofEnglandUnion 

The Autonomy Hotline Ι Resisting Coercion in Health and Social Care by providing low cost legal advice and practical support for patients and parents across the UK who find themselves in a disagreement with a health or social care professional, and need a point of contact for support and advice.  https://theautonomyhotline.org/



The Light Paper Ι https://thelightpaper.co.uk/ Ι https://t.me/TheLightTruthPaper 

Not On The Beeb Ι https://www.notonthebeeb.co.uk/ Ι https://t.me/Not_On_The_Beeb 

UK Column Ι https://www.ukcolumn.org/ Ι https://t.me/ukcolumn 

United Free Press Ι https://www.unitedfreepress.org/ Ι https://t.me/UnitedFreePress 



A Stand In The Park Ι https://www.astandinthepark.org/ Ι https://t.me/astandintheparkuk 

Elevate Ι https://www.weareelevate.org/  

Keep Britain Free Ι https://www.keepbritainfree.com/

Rebels On Roundabouts Ι https://rebelsonroundabouts.com/ Ι https://t.me/RebelsOnRoundabouts 

Save Our Rights UK Ι https://saveourrights.uk/ Ι https://t.me/SaveOurRightsUKOfficial  

Smile Free Ι https://smilefree.org/ 

The Freedom Network Ι https://www.thefreedomnetwork.co.uk/ 

Together Ι http://togetherdeclaration.org/ Ι https://t.me/togetheruk 

UK Freedom Project Ι https://ukfreedomproject.org/ Ι https://t.me/ukfreedomproject 



Reaching People Ι https://reachingpeople.net/  

Unravel Ι https://www.unravel.org.uk/  


Local Community Meetups/Groups


We are currently looking for people to create groups in their local areas to support Control Group participants.

Let us know if you have any local groups that you would like us to list here.



Access Local Health Services/Hubs

Please let us know of any services who would like to be listed here - contact our Telegram administrators or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and state that you have information to go on your country/region WIKI page. Thank you.


Childbirth: When Push Comes To Shove Ι https://www.whenpushcomestoshove.co.uk/ Ι https://t.me/awakenedbirth

Dentistry: Dr Seb, Biological Dentist at Wonder of Wellness Ι Online session: https://www.wonderofwellness.co.uk/workshop

Health Hubs: The People's Health Alliance (PHA) Ι https://the-pha.org/ Ι https://t.me/ThePeoplesHealthAlliance - Join their Telegram group and in FILES you will find the list of hubs by region.

Blood services: please let us know of any in the UK



Dentistry: HUDDERSFIELD: Dr Seb, Biological Dentist at Wonder of Wellness
In person appointment: https://www.wonderofwellness.co.uk/biologicaldentist







Local Businesses offering services or discounts to participants


Please let us know if you would like your business listed here:


Posters and Leaflets

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