The idea for the Control Group came from the popular meme, 'I'm in the control group' as a way of saying you haven't had the jab.

We were a small group of people who had started a freedom cooperative in Eastbourne, in the UK.

We were lucky to have website and database expertise in our group, along with creativity, dedication and a desire to make sure our children had a future with free speech and continued bodily autonomy. The Control Group started in the spare room of the house of one of our directors and was initially funded from their own savings.

We ran out of space very quickly and had to find an office to rent - this happened rather fortuitously within a week of looking - but we quickly ran out of space when we managed to recruit lots of amazing volunteers.

Our first office space was very cramped with up to 10 people working at a time

We have been in existence for nearly nine months, and in that time, we have moved to a larger office building and taken on paid team members.

Some of our original founders left the country, in search of a freer existence and so we now have three directors, all of whom work full-time for the Control Group. We also have a full-time office production manager, part-time IT support, personnel manager and media manager and about 10 people who do from a few hours, to a couple of days a week running our card-printing and email support. It really is a humungous task that is only made possible by our funding Associates.

Left, the email room and below, the card printing room.