📃   Consent

A template letter for parents wishing to decline coronavirus testing in school.

📃   Independent Information 

A template letter to inform friends.

📃   Miri AF  

Template letters relating to masks, testing and mandates for schools, employers and more.

📃   Not on The Beeb  

Various template letters for schools, employers, universities and more.

📃   Panda

Template letter to businesses requiring proof of vaccination or negative PCR test to access their premises. 

📃   Parents following the science  

Template letters for schools.

📃   Power to the People  

Template letters relating to masks, testing and mandates.

📃   Safer to Wait  

Template letters for schools regarding vaccination of children.

📃   UK Citizen 

Template letters for writing to your MP, local councillor or completing public consultation documents

📃   UK Medical Freedom Alliance

Template letters relating to masks, COVID tests, vaccine requirements and more.

📃   Us for them 

Template letters to schools regarding testing, face coverings and non consent for vaccinations.