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We are currently looking for volunteers to support participants in their local area as well as Area and Country coordinators to link us with legal and health professionals who can support our participants and the work we are doing in their own country/area and ensure the results of our data are utilised in the best manner. Ideally their names will be listed on the country page - but this isn't essential.

There are a great many people who feel they are alone, having been abandoned by family and friends or unable to visit them due to restrictions. We aim to use our local networks to try and bring like-minded people together, as well as helping to support the important work of collecting data for our study.


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Local Community Meetups/Groups


We are currently looking for people to create groups in their local areas to support Control Group participants.

Let us know if you have any local groups that you would like us to list here.



Access Local Health Services/Hubs

Please let us know of any services who would like to be listed here - contact our country Telegram administrators or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and state that you have information to go on your country/region WIKI page. Thank you.



Blood services: please let us know of any in the your area



Local Businesses offering services or discounts to participants


Please let us know if you would like your business listed here:



Posters and Leaflets


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