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Reclaiming Our Health with Nutrients - with Clive de Carle
Reclaiming Responsibility for Our Own Feelings - Estefania Diaz
Viewing Psychology through Alternative Lenses - Estefania Diaz
Non-pharmaceutical ways to reduce your risk of COVID-19 - Jessica Campbell
Control Group Data Release: Winter 2021/22 - Dr Robert Verkerk, PhD
Making the Impossible Possible - Kim Knight
Tune Up Your Life with sound - Bards of Avalon
How to approach your Dental Health & Oral Hygiene in a Natural and Holistic Way - Dr Seb
What is Driving the Madness - David Charalambous
Light & Colour for your Daily Balance - Aurelienne Dauguet
Colloidal Silver - The World's Best Kept Secret! - Faithly
Live Blood Analysis, the Injectables Against Covid in Darkfield Microscopy - a German Doctor
Homeopathic Strategies for Respiratory Issues - Thierry Clerc
Dowsing and Sacred Networks - Rory Duff
Beginner's Guide to Lifestyle Medicine - Kim Knight
Transforming Fear into your Best Asset - Aurelienne Dauguet
An Introduction to the Power of Intention - Norman Cristina
Spike Proteins & Shedding - Elsepeth Taimre
Gems and Crystals for your Wellbeing - Aurelienne Dauguet
Q&A with - John O'Looney, UK Funeral Director
Remapping Childhood Trauma ~ From Trigger to Tap Root - David Cordes
Empowering yourself with Essential Oils - Teresa Rose


How to approach your Dental Health & Oral Hygiene in a Natural and Holistic Way

With Dr Seb

Dr Seb is a Biological Dentist promoting minimally invasive dentistry. In this presentation he will be sharing his Five Pillars of dentistry covering: Mercury Fillings, Sleep Apnea, Root Canals, Laser & Ozone Treatment, Plasma Technology

For more information about Dr Seb visit:

In this presentation he will be sharing his Five Pillars of dentistry covering:

  • Mercury Fillings: What effects do metals have in our body & why should we stop putting them into our mouth and find alternatives?
  • Sleep Apnea: What is it? How does it start? How does it affect our health? & What can we do to treat it?
  • Root Canals:  How can we save a tooth with the help of Integrative Endodontics?
  • Laser & Ozone Treatment:  What is Laser assisted & Ozone assisted Dental Treatment? How can it benefit our dental health?
  • Plasma Technology: What Is Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)? & How can we accelerate healing using Plasma Technology



Tune Up Your Life with Sound

With Bea and David, the Bards of Avalon

Join Bea and David  - The Bards of Avalon as they share their experiences working with the power of sound.

One of the joys of our work is hearing that our soundscapes have helped others transform challenging times in their lives, whether that's to do with health, relationships, work or other issues. We've found that using sound with intention provides a key to help you navigate through life with greater ease, grace and joy.

In this session, you’ll discover how sound therapy can help:

  • Boost your energy
  • Reduce pain
  • Help you relax
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep

You will also experience a live, relaxing soundscape session created with vocal harmonies, Gongs, Himalayan bowls, chimes and other percussion instruments, designed to support your health and wellbeing.

Their album, “The Archangel Transmissions” was critically acclaimed by both Kindred Spirit and Paradigm Shift magazines and is available from their shop

They are also contributing authors to four of the Bounce Back Journey books which became Amazon best sellers.


Making the Impossible Possible

with Kim Knight

With Kim Knight. In this one-of-a-kind presentation Kim addresses theses following questions:

  • What is true healthcare?
  • What have you been told is possible?
  • What have you erroneously been told is impossible?
  • Do you believe in your body’s ability to heal without external intervention? 

Watch Kim, root cause analysis lifestyle medicine coach, in this presentation where she introduces several mythbusters that will revolutionize your understanding of illness and health. For more information about Kim Knight visit:



Control Group Data Release: Winter 2021/22

with Dr Robert Verkerk, PhD

Dr Robert Verkerk of Alliance for Natural Health International analysed our first set of data for us and talked to our wonderful subscribing Associates (without whom, we could not exist). The data he has been looking at is the aggregated data from the health reports of approximately 18,500 participants that were completed continuously from October 2021 to February 2022.



Reclaiming Our Health with Nutrients

Reclaiming Our Health with Nutrients - a guide to Vitamins & Minerals
with Clive De Carle

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Clive and his work, below is a brief overview of his journey to wellness:

At the age of 32 he was given a course of antibiotics for a minor health condition which resulted in Type I Diabetes & crippling Arthritis. Barely able to walk, he was hospitalised for weeks & told there was no hope of a cure. Unwilling to accept this prognosis, he embarked on a journey to prove them wrong. He checked himself out of hospital and began a program of nutritional supplementation which completely reversed the symptoms of arthritis. The doctors were astounded yet disinterested in how he’d achieved this.

In order to deepen his understanding of nutrition, he moved to Spain & bought an organic farm.

Due to modern industrial farming methods our soils worldwide are deficient in minerals and, as a result, so are we, if we eat food grown on those depleted soils. So, most of us are simply unable to get the nutrients our bodies need for optimum health. Which means that supplementation is a vital and major key to reversing symptoms of disease by encouraging the body to restart its innate ability to self-repair.

Clive’s presentation is all about the nutrition we need and what supplements will contribute to improved wellness and a journey to optimal health.

More information about Clive De Carle at



Viewing Psychology through Alternative Lenses

with Estefania Diaz

In this presentation Estefania shares how she uses Gestalt Therapy, Psychotropic Therapy and the insights & wisdom she has gained on her own journey to help us discover our own path to wellness & inner peace.

The main aim in Estefania’s therapy work is to try and help people to connect with their real emotions, dreams and goals, and analyse and understand the limiting beliefs they might have, where those beliefs are coming from, and work out how to face them and let them go. Estefania talks about the humanistic approach of Gestalt & how micro-dosing works in our brain compared to antidepressants.

This is the first of 2 linked presentations - the second is: Reclaiming Responsibility for your Own Feelings.

The Q&A section has been omitted for respect of participants privacy. 



Reclaiming Responsibility for Our Own Feelings

with Estefania Diaz

Following on from Estefania’s first presentation on Viewing Psychology Through Alternative Lenses (above), she helps us explore different approaches to reclaiming responsibility for our own feelings.

  • How often do we blame our feelings on something that has happened or something someone has done and how does that make us feel?
  • What might happen if we choose how we feel about a situation rather than let the situation dictate how we feel?

This session will invite us to explore how we can reclaim responsibility for our own feelings.



Non-pharmaceutical ways to reduce your risk of COVID-19

with Jessica Campbell

Non pharmaceutical ways of reducing your risk of COVID 19 via diet & lifestyle irrespective of your vaccination status. A webinar to support your journey of healthy living.

Biologist Jessica Campbell (who graduated from Oxford University) has written a research paper on how to reduce the risk of COVID-19 via diet and lifestyle irrespective of whether you have taken a vaccine (jab) or not.
Here is a link to her published paper:

Watch the webinar below and listen to a further in-depth interview with Jessica at Fear Free



What is Driving the Madness

with David Charalambous

A presentation to help us understand what has happened and why people act the way they do, with steps we can take to help resolve.

David Charalambous is the founder of Reaching People. His background involves 25 years consulting to multinational clients and one on one with individuals from all walks of life. These include mums and dads through to athletes, high performers and business leaders. 


Light & Colour for your Daily Balance

with Aurelienne Dauguet

In this presentation we will be invited to look at two completely different approaches to light & colour: One stemming from physics and the other stemming from the beauty & the sight of colours in all their variety.

Aurélienne will help us unlock the language of colour & its effects on humans, animals, plants & spaces. There will be some exercises for us to experience visualising, feeling and imbuing ourselves with colour in order for us to see the power of colour in restoring our balance and in strengthening or soothing us, depending on what we need.

The colourful journey will be rounded off with guidance on the practical use of colour on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels as well as some notes on colour theory to give us some insights on the combinations of colour & what they correspond to, giving us a little insight into the wondrous and complex world of colour.

Aurélienne originally trained as a nurse in England. She now works with other ways of healing that include Aromatherapy, Aura Therapy, Flower & Mineral Essences amongst other things. Aurélienne is now a lecturer at the largest Naturopathic School in Germany & Switzerland.


Colloidal Silver - The worlds best kept secret!

with Faithly

Colloidal silver is one of the most versatile and effective broad spectrum remedies which is also readily available. Used as a mainstream natural antibiotic prior to the introduction of Penicillin in 1938, this panacea can be used to treat a multitude of infections and illnesses. Let’s explore it’s long history as a holistic remedy and how you can use it at home.

Faithly is a mother turned health coach who has been researching, making and using various forms of Colloidal Silver for over 15 years. She now helps mentor others in the use of colloidal silver and other natural remedies. For more information about Faithly remedies visit:


Live Blood Analysis, the Injectables Against COVID in Darkfield Microscopy and an Outlook to the Treatment of Injuries Caused by the Injections

with a German Doctor

After a brief introduction to live blood analysis, findings in the blood of people who had been injected against covid will be presented.

We will have a look at objects found in the injectables. Some of these will be shown side by side with the corresponding findings in the blood. In addition, the injectables will be compared to conventional vaccines and other intravenous medications which have been in use for years.

The latest work of the group includes the examination of the test swabs of lateral flow tests using the darkfield microscope.

The presenter is a German prehospital emergency physician who became aware of the first darkfield microscopy findings in injected patients and the injectables themselves in August 2021. Since then, she has started to collaborate with specialists from Austria and Germany, of whom several are experts in darkfield microscopy.

After having learned the fundamentals of this technique from them, she has attended formal training. The main focus of the working group is to help their patients who have been injured by the injections, but also to discuss their findings so that treatment options can be monitored and further developed.


Homeopathic Strategies for Respiratory Issues

with Thierry Clerc

Thierry’s presentation will cover a short introduction into holistic health & disease management. It will then cover in very practical ways the treatment of common issues affecting the respiratory system, from sore throats and cold to bronchitis. The presentation will cover some case examples to understand the efficacy of his approach.

A PDF handout with suggestions and remedies following his presentation will be available in on the Associate page when you log into your account.

Thierry Clerc website:

(video to come ...)


Dowsing and Sacred Networks

with Rory Duff
For anyone new to dowsing, Rory will guide us on how to embark on our initial explorations, and for those who are already familiar with dowsing, he is going to share how we can use dowsing in order to make life flow with ease & grace.
He is also going to share information about his platform, Sacred Network. This is a platform that attracts spiritually minded people together in order to be of service for the good of humanity, the living planet and all sentient things.
Rory Duff began his working life as a Geologist on the gold mines in Africa. After a moment of synchronicity and learning about the Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner, he moved back to the UK where he pursued a career in Coaching and Training. In the last 5 years he switched to researching Geobiology – the study of how the Earth affects life.
Rory is one of the leading pioneers in the World in the understanding of Leylines and Earth Energies and how their frequencies can be highly beneficial as well as dangerous. Rory’s vocational path, seems, at the moment, to be leading him to raise awareness of the main Energy lines and to help get people gathering at their key sacred sites all around the country four times a year. These are the harmony times when all the Earth Energies move at the same frequency.
He now considers that group prayer and meditation on these harmony times is intimately linked with the rise of the divine feminine and a coming rebalancing. He now senses that this is perhaps the one and only thing left for humanity in order to overcome the problems in the World which, when we succeed, will allow us to usher in to a new Golden Age – just as many of the prophecies predict.

Rory Duff website:


Beginners Guide to Lifestyle Medicine

with Kim Knight
How YOU have the power to harness your innate self-healing abilities to prevent and reverse illness without medication.
Kim is dedicated to bringing you cutting edge solutions for optimising your health & wellbeing in extraordinary ways. She says: ‘You heal a person, not an illness. You heal a whole person’s life, not a health condition.’
Kim guides us through how WE have the power to harness our own innate healing abilities to prevent & reverse illness as naturally as possible

Kim Knight website:


Transforming Fear Into Your Best Assets

with Aurélienne Dauguet
Fear can be a warning sign of impending danger. Fear can also be a self-perpetuating downward spiral of exhausting and paralysing emotions resulting in a vicious circle. What if we´d use our fear as energy to fuel our self-empowerment?

Fear can be a warning sign of impending danger.

Fear can also be a self-perpetuating downward spiral of exhausting and paralysing emotions resulting in a vicious circle.

What if we´d use our fear as energy to fuel our self-empowerment?

Download accompanying pdf (mentioned in video) regarding essential oil and Bach remedy suggestions by Aurelienne.


An Introduction to the Power of Intention

with Norman Cristina
Norman will then outline the basic steps, focusing on showing how to craft an intention statement and participants will actually go through the process of sending intention. He dreams of connecting with people who would like to learn more by directly experiencing sessions and is seeking people to pass on the skills of delivering sessions - the idea being to replicate the process worldwide and have Intention sessions mushroom all over the world.
Norman created his own group, who have been working together, with intention, and he said: ‘Amazing things are happening even with smaller numbers’.

Spike Proteins and Shedding

- What are they & How can we support our bodies when affected by them?
with Elspeth Taimre
In this presentation Elspeth will be guiding us through the list of the most common symptoms people have experienced after exposure to spike proteins & she will explain what shedding is and how it can affect us.
Elspeth will be sharing her knowledge about how she has been caring for and supporting her patients. She will guide us through what we know about spike proteins & shedding, what that can do in the body, what we don’t know and what we are finding out about them.
She will explain what blood tests and other tests can be done into investigating the effects of shedding and crucially, what the goals of diet, lifestyle & supplement programs can do to support the body after exposure to spike proteins. Elspeth’s approach centres on assisting to improve or regain health using practical and simple dietary and lifestyle changes, in combination with carefully prescribed herbal and or nutritional supplements (where appropriate).
Downloadable documents mentioned in the recording:

Gems and Crystals for your Wellbeing

with Aurelienne Dauguet

Minerals have been known throughout the history of mankind for their healing and enhancing properties.

During this workshop, you ́re learning to implement the appropriate coloured stones in your daily life through a simple but efficient method. Their uses are numerous, ranging from wearing the right jewellery, to strengthening your health as well as your mental and emotional abilities, for protection, and for balancing the atmosphere of the rooms you are living in. You will also learn how to manufacture good quality mineral essences for yourself. This is a personal recipe which you won ́t find in any book.

Finally, we attend to the cleansing and caring of the gems and crystals, for their energy must be replenished.


Q&A with John O'Looney
UK Funeral Director
In this open session, John O'Looney answers participant questions on his views and his experience as a funeral director during COVID. This was an incredibly well attended session and went on for nearly 2 hours.


Remapping Childhood Trauma - from Trigger to Tap Root

with David Cordes, founder of Boys to Men Canada 


We have all experienced trauma, in one form or another, during the course of our lives. Our family systems, social influences and unique internal terrain all play a role in determining how we respond to the trauma we experienced. An event that one of us may have moved through unscathed, could have devastating, life-long consequences for another… it is that unique and personal; like our DNA signature.  

Tonight, we will unpack some of the belief systems and coping mechanisms that were birthed from our trauma and come to understand that what was essential at that time, actually holds us hostage today. We will also explore the importance of honouring ourselves by flipping the script and seeing our life as a truly heroic journey. Applying this fresh perspective, we will learn how to contain our emotional reactions to external triggers in real time and in the space of this pause, use ‘The Portal’ to travel back in time and remap our story, armed with the truth of who we are.

David has very kindly shared his PowerPoint presentation for you to download (we have converted it to pdf): REMAPPING CHILDHOOD TRAUMA.pdf


Empowering yourself with essential oils

with Teresa Rose 


To stay in touch: Instagram @nourish_with_oils
Nourish with Oils Facebook group:
Telegram group:

Empowering yourself with essential oils in your own home to be your own healer

Essential oils are one of natures most potent gifts with the average essential oil being 50-70 x more potent than the herbal format. Teresa will talk about how how easy with a box of oils and a few key reference books people can be a healer in their own home and communities. With winter upon us she will highlight especially some winter wellness immune and respiratory tips using essential oils.

She will also share some inspirations on a few actions you can take to low tox your homes using essential oils for DIY green cleaning and personal care products. 
For a list of the books recommended by Teresa, see her Wellbeing profile:

The subject and content of these talks are not associated with or representative of the Control Group, unless explicitly stated, but we aim for them to be on subjects that we believe will be of interest to our participants.