Below is a pictorial overview of the Members and Participants of the Control Group Cooperative and a brief summary of their roles.


Statutory members act as guarantors of the Control Group Cooperative Ltd, they are expected to attend meetings in order to take an active role in steering the direction of the Control Group. The statutory members are also responsible for electing a board of directors and voting on important decisions that will have a significant impact on the financial resources of the Cooperative.


Associates are Participants of the Control Group study who provide the essential funding for the long-term sustainability of the Control Group. Our Associates are encouraged to contribute to the Control Group cooperative community, and provide input into future projects and the overall objectives of the Control Group. .


Free participants in the study who are fundamentally important to ensuring large quantities of vaccine-free health data is collected from around the world.


Are organisations whose aims and objectives align with those of the Control Group Cooperative Ltd.


Anyone person or entity can donate to the Control Group without being a participant or member.