Dr Jon Rogers, MBChB (Bristol) MRCGP DRCOG (Retired NHS GP), UK
In my work as an NHS GP I was passionate about informed consent, bodily autonomy and medical freedom. Patients should always be allowed to make their own decisions about medical interventions. The health professional is responsible for conveying clearly t...
Dr Leopoldo Salmaso, MD; specialist Infectious Diseases; specialist Public Health; Editor, Italy and Tanzania
Dr. Cheryl Vincent, DC, United States.
I believe that all people should have the right to chose what medical interventions are used for themselves. And that being medically correct is more important than being politically correct. Please help protect our right to choice. Thank you.
Dr. Emery M. Cole II, USA
The World is in need of honest science and unbiased research so that practitioners and patients may make better informed decisions prior to consenting to new drug therapies. Although many new and seemingly effective infection control techniques and strate...
Dr. Neil Benson, MD, FRACGP, Australia.
Science is about following the scientific method and for this a control group is an essential part of the study. This control group will down the road be seen as a valuable and essential part of the study, which many would agree was all too rapidly rolled...
Linda Benskin, PhD, RN, SRN (Ghana), USA.
Creating a control group to study the long-term effects of the novel immunizations against Covid-19 should not be controversial. Whether someone is in favor of these recent mRNA and adenovirus based immunizations or not, everyone should applaud the initia...
Our Mission
To collect the long-term health data of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-free from every country, so we can provide the missing control group to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated; thus enabling independent and transparent, comparative analysis of the mass vaccination poli...
Our Vision
A future where we are healthy by choice. Where we are free to make our own medical decisions based on informed consent through independent, transparent research with uncensored, scientific debate.
The importance of a control group
The SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations are an untried and untested MRNA technology, which we have never before seen used in humans. No long term safety trials have been completed yet for these injections and therefore it would be true to say that they are experiment...


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Friday 27th, 6.00pm (GMT) PRESENTATION + Q&A: Effective Immune Support with Natural Functional Medicine - Michael Gaeta



Friday 3rd, 7pm (GMT) Inspiring Meditation: Shrinking Worries to a Tiny Particle - Stefanie Hilger

Tuesday 7th, 9.00am (GMT) GUIDED SESSION: Power of Intention Session - Norman Cristina

Friday 10th, 10.00am (GMT) PRESENTATION + Q&A: An Extraordinary Tree Everyone Ought to Know About - Tania Wedin and guest Dr Val Fraser

Monday 13th, 11.00am (GMT) PRESENTATION + Q&A: Homeopathy in Pregnancy and Childbirth - Amanda Bate

Wednesday 15th, 10.00am (GMT) PRESENTATION + Q&A: Scandinavian Test-Based Food-Sourced Nutrition - Cherie Gorringe

Tuesday 21st, 7.00pm (GMT) GUIDED SESSION: Power of Intention Session - Norman Cristina

Friday 24th, 6.00pm (GMT) PRESENTATION + Q&A: Artemisia Annua (wormwood) - Michael Gaeta

Tuesday 28th, 10.00am (GMT) PRESENTATION + Q&A: Wearing Masks will Kill You - author Lucia Bruno


MARCH 2023

Wednesday 1st, 10.00am (GMT) PRESENTATION + Q&A: Rasha Experience (details to come) - Cherie Gorringe

Monday 6th, 9.00am (GMT) GUIDED SESSION: Power of Intention Session - Norman Cristina

Date TBC, Time TBC (GMT+1) PRESENTATION + Q&A: 8 Resilience Factors and how to use them  - Stefanie Hilger