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The Control Group website (accessed via and is our own proprietary system that we have designed and built; therefore, we have complete control over the cookies that are used - these are described below. This is where you login to enter your health information.

The WIKI ( is our information blog, which you do not log into and does not require you to enter any information. This is an off-the-shelf system, which uses plugins and add-ons and has its own cookies, etc..., which we have no control over. 

We use Zoom for all our Community Events - again this is an off-the-shelf and we have no control over any cookies it may use.


Control Group website data portal - Cookie Consent and Usage

Cookie consent is required in order to keep your session alive, which is necessary for the functioning of the Control Group website.

We do not use any data harvesting or tracking cookies such as google analytics or Facebook dots.

Our secure cookie usage is entirely in line with the original intention of cookie usage, which is to facilitate your interaction with our website and avoid you having to constantly provide security credentials.

The cookie is set to expire when you close down your browser, it will therefore remain in place until you do so, or you click to logout.

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