Is there a difference between blood from a person that has been injected with a covid vaccination? (More to come as we find it.)

Vaccines added to blood on slide:

Dr Richard Fleming: Our Research Showing the Direct Effect of these Gene Vaccines on Human Blood (video on Rumble)

Dr Richard Fleming: Pfizer Genetic Vaccine added directly to Human Blood (video on Rumble)

SCIENCEOFLIGHT: Computerized Thermographic Imaging and Live Blood Analysis post C19 injection (video on Rumble)

Dr Robert Young: Young Blood Solutions to the Pollutions From Nano Technology, Parasites & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Control Group Coop with Dr Eva-Maria Schottdorf: Live Blood Analysis: Injectables against COVID in Darkfield Microscopy


Please note that these are simply curated videos on a theme for your interest.

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