The Control Group Cooperative is an affiliate of:


United Free Press

The United Free Press is a voluntary and independent press standards body, run by its members and dedicated to promoting high-quality journalism and opposing state censorship and misinformation. Alongside providing a code of conduct for its members, the UFP issues Press IDs, enables networking, supports and promotes member content conducts outreach, aids new journalists to the field, promotes decentralised new-tech and combats misinformation within the industry.



The World Council for Health

The World Council for Health is a non-profit organization for the people, that is informed and funded by the people.




Health Freedom Ireland

Health Freedom Ireland is composed of individuals with a common belief that everyone has the right to make informed choices in relation to vaccination. Information must be freely available, factually correct and provided without bias



The Red List

To report entities for promoting, inducing, or mandating COVID-19 “vaccines”, please use our dedicated reporting form.

Join our Info and Chat group on Telegram:


Students Against Tyranny

Students Against Tyranny is a platform to connect like-minded young people in their areas so they don't feel so isolated in their opinions and beliefs. And can hold the line against taking the jab if they don't wish to do so.


Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH)

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) International is a non-profit organisation with a mission to safeguard and promote natural and sustainable approaches to regenerating and managing human health worldwide.


Vaccfree:Love & Impffrei:Love

Vaccfree:Love is the leading international online platform for all vaccine-free and conscious people, who prefer to rather hold hands – then keeping social distance. and



Unjected is the World's First & Largest Unvaccinated Platform. 
With a member base of over 300k like minded unvaccinated individuals in over 85 different countries worldwide and still growing.



The People's Health Alliance (PHA)

 For The People, by The People The organic, people-led grassroots organisation creating an integrative healthcare model to heal, support & empower the people of the UK.


Blessed by His Blood 

Blessed By His Blood Cooperative is a philanthropic organization designed to unite like-minded members with a common goal. We serve as a network of volunteer donors to provide trustworthy blood and blood products when our members find themselves in need.




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